Amsar of Nowhere

Thentiyan Scout, former Arrow of Turinda


Human, Scout 7/Consecrated Harrier 5


Son of a hardy Thentiyan frontier-folk, grew up hunting
the dreaded Viakans, left to make his fortune in the world
His fiancĂ©e was killed by a mysterious ‘Bald Man’ with
unnatural powers of the mind. This drove him to join the
‘Arrows of Turinda’ the sacred bounty hunters of the goddess
of Justice. For five years he hunted for them, tracking down
Viakan shamans, Jerdanian pirates and common evil-doers. Twice
more he would clash with the ‘Bald Man’, once on an island kingdom
once in the depths of Varinya. This last clash left him the only
one of his team alive. He returned to Eyedras to gather another
band, sadly just as the final invasion by the Orcs and Viakans was
commencing. As one of the ‘fortunate’ survivors after the fall, he
joined with his rescuers, the Guild of the Broken Talon, who, it turned
out knew far more of his old enemy ‘the Bald Man’ then he did. He has
(for the moment) joined their team, hoping to find a death worthy of Turinda
a death that will redeem how Thentiya failed its goddess (in his mind), and
maybe, just maybe, gain some real revenge on the ‘Bald Men’...

After helping the Guild track down and kill their enemy, Duke Belerim,
Amsar took his pay and left to seek out and protect the last of his people…

Amsar of Nowhere

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