A Hobgoblin of Many Parts


Kanen (Wujen), Mage 7/Ninja 5


Zarik’s experiences with the Guild of the Broken Talon so far could diplomatically called ‘layered’ (or a ‘a tangled mess of deceit and half-truths’ if you’re not feeling so diplomatic). Originally presenting himself as the hapless, expendable bard ‘Raynard Fauxille’, but, after the Guild’s ability to detect falsehood and unwillingness to be responsible for another companion’s death, he revealed himself to be the Oni Ninja Zarik, chonin of the Hrak N’ta, the Clan of the Black Talon. This was further modified on the Night of the Green Stars, when those present in Berem’s Tower saw his true form, that of a Wujen. However, the Guild has still allowed him to travel and fight with them and take advantage of the opportunities that brings with it. Recently left the guild to join the coastal Houses of Panmorn in revolt against the Emperor and his Red dragon master.


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