Lana Argor

Noble 8/Mage (Enchanter) 5/Mind Bender 4


Lady Lana is the youngest daughter of Catham Argor of House Argor, and is the younger sister of Balif Loren Argor of Karad. Lana was raised among high society, and knows the ins and learned the political game at an early age. She has a natural way with people, which she discovered at an early age when she was able to wrap her father around her finger.

While Lana can be polite and maneuvers easily through the rules of courtesy, she has an independent nature, a fiery spirit, and possesses a great deal of self-confidence.

Lady Lana’s romantic life has been the subject of some debate the past year. Duke Belerim’s son courted her briefly, and some in Karad have noticed that she spends quite a bit of time around young Damien Morieu (or did when he was still working at Drakhan’s Magical Accessories). Though some customers of the store heard the young man ask her out several times over the course of her visits, she always turned down his proposals. A few of the local gossips claim that they have seen Lana and Damien alone together several times over the past six months, but it is widely considered to be merely an unconfirmed rumor.

Lana manifested an arcane talent late in life, and requested Damien Morieu to be her teacher. Before she could become his apprentice, however, civil war broke out in Aranauda and Lady Lana vanished along with the other mages and apprentices around Karad.

Lana recently reappeared along with a band of survivors of the Araunadan civil wars in Oganis Ford. She signed on to the Broken Talons as Damien Morieu (Grimskull)’s newest cohort.

After joining the Broken Talons, Lana and her faithful body guard moved to Anathalas where she uses her social talents and mastery of enchantment to gather information and influence about events that the Broken Talons would not otherwise have access to.

Lana Argor

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