Duke Duren Kanhilas

Duke of Karad


Lord of Karad, a major trading city in Anathelas. A former adventurer, (along with Drakhan, Berem and Orissius ‘the Hammer’) Duren is still a powerful warrior, and disciple of the White Raven style of fighting. Sponsor of the Broken Talons, after their work with Bailiff Yonsohn Verimarand coming to his aid during Parethian’sattack on his keep.

Recently, Duren was placed in charge of the northern branch of the Anathelian Army during Targrath’s invasion of Cabryn. With the assistance of the Broken Talon, the Targrathian forces were routed, and Duren led the counter-invasion of Targrath, brokering a truce with Dren Taril, and laying siege to Milasylla. During the final night of the siege, Duke Duren was assassinated by unknown assailants, and attempts to raise him using Resurrection magic have failed.

Duke Duren Kanhilas

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