Adolphus "T.H." Videlton

"Thrillin' Heroics" (Deceased)


Human Warblade


Third son of house Videlton, Adolphus had three options in life – church, a ‘good’ marriage, or Adventure, natural inclantions led him to the martial option. Trained by a Panmornian Oni versed in the Iron Heart and Stone Dragon disciplines he grew to become Warblade. Adolphus was a member of the fighters guild when he came to the attention of the bailiff of Duke Duren Kanhilas and joined a group that would become the Broken Talon.

Orignaly going under the poorly chosen alias “Acidolphus” to protect his house and guard his aligence he would also gain the nicknames “Dolf”, “The Minotaur of the Marketplace” and “Thrillin’ Heroics”

While not the orignator of the guilds name, he did try to provide the spirit that would form the guild (as well as commissioning ballads of their early exploits)- self sacrifice, love of action and abilty to do what others cannot without the need to be beholden to kingdom or fear of retaliation.

He died fighting a Traveler (Illithid) incursion into this world at Deltara.

Adolphus "T.H." Videlton

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