Decklin Rithor

Spell Thief with an odd sense of loyality


Spell Thief 10


Started with the Broken Talons shortly after they suffered their first first major loss with the travelers. Some may say at a moment in which they were in disarray and weak. A point in which their enemies could exploit others in hopes of gaining a foothold of information on them.

That enemy would be Duke (former now) Belerim. It is known as of now that Decklin joined the Talons under the guise of simply needing a paycheck, but truly he was forced into the position of spy by Belerim.

Belerim had his older brother Gil held captive with the threat that if Decklin didn’t spy for him, he’d kill Gil without thinking twice.

Not having much choice, Decklin went along with this as long as he could. It call came crashing down before long and the guild found out. With the cat out of the bag, his worry of family became first. He had to get Gil out.

As it was found out, Gil was yet another victim of the traveler mind warping.

Decklin attempted a rescue of sorts within the walls of Belland, but without the support of the entire guild, it failed completely, leaving him to watch a fellow guild member get his brain force-ably removed at the tentacles of a traveler and without his brother or a means of finding him.

Deklin Rithor

Deklin is the youngest boy of 5 and the 6th of 7 children to Tyrin and Dolmi Rithor.

Born and raised in Ondros to his father, Tyrin, a tailor and his mother, Dolmi, a head mother to a local orphanage. The home held at least 30 children of varying ages including the 7 of us. We slept and lived as all the other orphans did, which means we had a lot of extra time to do whatever we wanted.

Needless to say, most of us got into a lot of trouble and got to be well known with the local constables. On the few times that we were caught, mother would have us beat over the ass as we sang out the praises to Brindar. Mother was a pretty devout Brindar follower and thus did her best to instill it in us. It kinda came with running an orphanage. To this day, all of us respect her beliefs and have taken it on as our own. It’s the one ‘good’ thing we do on a normal basis. There have been discussions on how the rest of what we do is for the ‘good’ of others, but we can all guess how far that goes.

The list of us children goes as such from oldest to youngest: Ty, Vadra (V for short), Verth (V’s faternal twin), Brond, Gil, Deklin, and Dallia (Deklin’s faternal twin).

Because of our copious amounts of free time to do pretty much whatever we wanted, thieving became a normal past time for all of us. Ty was the eldest so was, of course, the first to officially join the local thieves guild, The Shadow Fingers. He took all the training he got there and taught the rest of us. When I say all of us, I mean all of us. There were even a few of the other orphans that took to his teachings as well. Sure it was all second hand stuff, but it was free, so how could we ignore it. It enthralled me completely. I couldn’t get enough of what he said. The others said it was simply because it was the one time Ty and I really got along, but whatever, I loved it. I followed him wherever he would go, even when he didn’t want me to. He taught me everything I know about keeping your fingers nimble enough to pick anyones pocket.

Due to the nature of our lives, we, parents included, never had any money. We ate from the little money was given to us to house all the children but of course, that was only enough to keep us breathing, not much more. With Ty feeding us new training, we started bringing in a few extra coins. Of course we played the child aspect to the t, but hey, we worked with what we had.

As we aged, each of us, in turn, joined the guild. For the Rithor family, it almost became a right of passage, though the parents never really found out. Just because they didn’t have much time for us didn’t mean that they’d like knowing we were all out in the big city stealing from others. Within the guild, we each also found our own little niche. Ty was the classic rogue, moving up the ranks as it were in no time flat. V and Verth were acrobats able to break into any building and steal anything around. Brond, well, he did well killing people, when the need arose, and thus continued in that route. Gil became one of the best silver tongues of the area. He could talk a dying man in the desert out of his canteen of water. Dallia and I, well, we actually were found that we had minor magical talent. I found my way into the local mage college and Dallia…she found some specialized training. She was adept at doing more than just hiding in the shadows…almost becoming one with them.

We lived a pretty ‘normal’ life until Mom’s sister, Aldrea showed up at the guild. We all knew mom had a better off sister, but what little did we know. As it turned out, she was a liasion of sorts between multiple guilds throughout the land, finding ‘talent’. For what, we really didn’t know but she offered us a way out…a purpose.

What she created is known in some parts as the ‘Laughing Bandit’. One would think that this person is nothing more than a single masked bandit but what it really is, is all of us. All seven of us, perhaps even more. Aldrea gave us the idea that, through her direction, we could be something to be feared throughout the lands. Each of us was given two things, a new masterwork dagger and a cloth mask. All things completely identical. The mask was the duel sided face, half smiling, the other frowning in reverse colors to each other and acts as a hat of disguise to allow us to change how we look completely when we need to take out a target. It allows us to keep up the ever changing form of the bandit. She mentioned that when our specific talents were needed we’d be contacted. We’d usually work alone, but from time to time we’d help each other out. Jobs ranged from everything to simple package acquisition to target elimination. I was brought in mainly to help take out the targets with magical talent. There were a couple I did myself but I’m not as strong a killer as the others.

That was 5 years ago, since then, I’ve been traveling the land going from job to job, spreading the legend of the ‘Laughing Bandit’, even spreading a few rumors of my own throughout the guilds I joined. As to what I’ve heard from others, bandit is either 4’9 or 6’8, is male, or female, or maybe a ghost. He/She/It can shot fire from it’s hands, appear from the very air around you, and is a master of poisons. The only thing that is the same is that the bandit has never spoken a single word, when seen that is.

I spent the first 2 years in Ondros, honing my trade both in the streets and the spell thief training. From there I went inland first stopping in Aldera, joining the guild there, doing a couple jobs, and then on the road again. From there, Raven’s Den, then Tyrosh, Elegas, Dernes, Milasylla, and finally Karad. I’ve been in the Karad guild for about a year now. I’ve done a couple jobs as the bandit, but as of late, I’ve been asked to do something a bit different.

Belerim, the one funding the guild, cornered me one day and asked me politely asked me to do a personal job for him. Knowing you don’t say no to the guy funding the operation you’re in, you go along with it. He invited me to his house to discuss the job and I of course took his offer. He offered good food and wine and discussed that what he simply wanted was for me to gain entrance to the Broken Talon guild and give him information on the wear-abouts and the doings of the guild. I was to report back to him directly. I was ok with this, I thought it was more than enough information to go on, so I moved onto price. He simply smiled and gestured for his men, and then brought in the broken form of Gil. He was still alive, but that wasn’t saying much. He didn’t look good at all.

I of course flipped out, started yelling, screaming, and lunged at him with my dagger as fast as I could, but his men grabbed me mid charge, held me at arms length away. I continued to scream obscenities as him, he just simply smiled and let me finish. He made it clear that Gil would live as long as I did everything asked of me, he’d even give me a mage guild contract and 100g for starting out.

I vowed to myself that I’d do everything I could to get Gil back, for now, I’ll just make my way into the guild, bide my time until I can figure out a way to gut out both his kidneys and let him see them with his own eyes as he dies. Ya, that will make me feel better.

Decklin Rithor

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