Drakhan Sparkscale


Drakhan is a darastrii merchant in the Tradesman’s Ward in Karad. He owns a magical item shop known as Drakhan’s Magical Accessories, which caters primarily to the wealthier people of the city. Drakhan was robbed and nearly killed by agents of Grimskull, but the intervention of Damien Morieu (Grimskull) saved his life. When Damien was apprehended, Duke Duren Kanhillas assigned Damien to work for Drakhan in his shop to help pay off the dept that Grimskull owed for the theft of an item and for the assault on Drakhan.

The arrangement was a good one, as Damien was knowledgeable about magic items and could be exceptionally charming when he wanted to be. Over time, Drakhan and Damien formed a firm friendship. Eventually, Damien paid off his debt to Drakhan and became full-time adventurer.

Before “retiring” to the life of a merchant, Drakhan adventured in Duke Duren Kanhilas’s adventuring group along with Orissius and Berem.

Drakhan recently left Karad for an unknown destination, and Drakhan’s Magical Accessories is currently closed and boarded up.

Drakhan Sparkscale

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