Duke Devis Belerim

Duke of Bellond




An Araunadan-trained mage, Devis Belerim has been at odds with Duke Duren Kanhilas for well over twenty years by this point. Ruler of Bellond, Devis has always ruled with a tight grip, but now, at least according to his people, he’s showing signs of madness. In reality, he had been working with entities known as the Travelers, and appears to have fallen completely under their sway. His fall, when it came, was swift and dramatic. The Guild of the Broken Talon exposed his dark deeds to the Emperor, he fled into hiding and was found (albeit accidentally) by the Guild in the sewers of Karad, where they faced and killed him (paying the price of one of their own). His city now lies in the hands of the Empire.

Duke Devis Belerim

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