Edward "The Hatchet"

The long arm of Karad


Edward was formerly a lieutenant in the Burning Dogs, a gang based in the Pauper’s Ward of Karad. His frustration with the leader of the Burning Dogs, one “Lord” Rufus, led to a series of events ending in Rufus’s death at the hands of a pair of brutal and bloodthirsty assassins.

Edward quickly stepped into the vacuum of power left by Rufus, the Pale Trees (who had been hit hard for their support of Baron Kembenther’s rebellion), and the Broken Scepters. He rebuilt the Burning Dogs as the Pale Masks, and has done what he can to keep the gang quiet and successful.

Rumors persist of Edward taking in outsiders for specialized training, but no one knows what he would be training them for. All that is known is that those he takes in disappear soon afterward.

Edward "The Hatchet"

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