Cleric of Harieben


Gabriel was born and led a fairly non-descript life, the life of a warrior and of a cleric in the lands of Cabryn. A member of the faithful of Harieben he belonged to the group of clerics who’s life was spent in the field, leading men and women into combat. Based out of the northern town of Risothir, it was on a fairly routine patrol to rid the area of bandits that he found his future wife under attack. After assisting Hope to defend the group of farmers she was out aiding an instant bond developed. Gabriel was on the front lines of the fight against Anathelas and was captured, but as a member of the clergy was ransomed back to the church after hostilities ended.

He eventually joined up with the Broken Talon guild when they were attempting to take down a white dragon in a quest to revive several of their party members. The mission, cost him his life as when approaching the dragon’s lair the ice below him burst and the dragon pulled him under the water.


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