Jonar Brinn

Mercenary Archer and Scout


Human Rogue 17


An old mercenary buddy of Cedric from his early career, when they both served with the Dead Raven Company. Jonar Brinn was a from a family of career criminals in the slums of Dubril. He arrived in Karad just too late to join the Duke’s latest expedition when he just happened to spot an old acquaintance passing in the street…

After a short, but incredibly profitable career with the Guild of the Broken Talon, which lasted through the end of the Anathelean-Targrathian War, and saw him negotiate an ‘understanding’ with the mercenary general Taril and commission the sword “Goodbye” from the church of Ollatuon, Jonar finally fell to the dread supernatural powers in the Dark Soul temple beneath Grimskull island…

but he got better….

And then he got much, much worse. The end. </gm>

Jonar Brinn

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