Kilan Lyril

Merchant Lord of House Lyril


Merchant Lord


Kilan is the youngest of three and had high ambitions right from the start. Hated every second that Eron existed knowing that he’d receive the entire house once father was gone. The muscle bound moron didn’t know the first thing about running a business.

Once he had learned all he could from his father, Kilan hired an assassin to take him out while setting up for Eron to be on scene. Once the deed was done, he waited for Eron to arrive, then grabbed the guard. From there it was all to easy. Except for the part where Eron knocked out all the useless guards before fleeing.

Since then, Kilan kept tabs on Eron, hoping to turn him in and watch his head roll. Only then would he have little to nothing to worry about. He also did quite well for himself, taking some rather risky ventures that his father would never touch. He grew in power very quickly.

Kilan Lyril

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