Milavenitsia Stormcraft

Wannabe pirate queen.



Currently deceased.


Milavenitsia Stormcraft was pirate royalty, so to speak. Her father was captain of a raiding ship. Her mother had been the daughter of a minor Thentian noble along the eastern coast. All the romantic tales of noble women swept off their feet by dashing, handsome pirates? Definitely not true in this case. Oh, the lady was beautiful and the captain was captivated, but she did not go willingly. At any rate, she lived a brief, unhappy life aboard the pirate ship, surviving only until Mila was three.

Mila was raised by the ship’s cook, a one-legged, one-eyed, foul-mouthed pirate who welcomed the little girl’s company, and her help. It wasn’t that her father disliked her; he was fond of her in a gruff, distant kind of way. He just had no idea what to do with a child. Cook, though, had brood of his own.

Mila was pretty much raised as a boy. As soon as she was old enough, she learned her way around the ropes and sails. Her father instructed her in reading and sums, and eventually sword play. She learned early to hide herself and stay quiet while they were attacking another ship, or raiding a town, or being boarded—at least until she was old enough to be of use in battle. Then, she still preferred to strike from behind.

The captain was a canny pirate, and valued a quick, quiet strike over some of the more bloodthirsty antics of his peers. Especially when raiding coastal towns and holdings, he preferred to send out a small team to assess where the most valuable and vulnerable targets were before sending in a strike team. Seeing his daughter’s aptitude for remaining unnoticed, as well as her quick eyes and ears, she was frequently sent on these assessments.

When Mila was about 18, dissention arose among the ranks. A new first mate had to be taken on, after old Mr. Smee was killed in a raid. This new first mate, Mr. Smithers, was not content with the Captain’s careful, calculating tactics. He wanted more action, convinced that a more reckless approach would gain him more gold. He convinced a majority of the crew, and they mutinied. They marooned Mila and the captain. The captain had sustained injuries during the fight, and did not survive two days.

Mila managed to survive for three weeks on the island, before her smoke signal finally attracted the attention of another boat. They were carrying a group of mercenaries to the western continent. Mila managed to persuade their leader to let her tag along when they reached land. She performed recon for the group, as well as serving as an occasional guide when travelling through the wilder areas. The mercenaries headed to Cabryn, like crows to a corpse, as soon as the word spread of the occupation.

Mila caught some sort of infection while in Risothir, so when her mercenary company headed to Moyarit, she was left behind. They never returned. She joined up with the Broken Talons, originally to aid them in a quest to resurrect a fallen comrade. When that quest was over, she returned to the sea briefly before being lured back by promises of treasure. She became friends with Norrin and unofficial protector of the unfortunate Rascalin (who she fancied just a touch). She traveled with the Guild until she was first slain by trolls, and then again by a green dragon.

Milavenitsia Stormcraft

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