Myriel Cunuldor

Human Female Warlock 7/Cleric 3/Eldrich Disciple 2



Myriel is the youngest daughter of House Conuldar, the ruling family of Deltara that also happen to secretly serve Elri’Kah. She grew up in the Elri’Kah tradition, training as a warlock with a taste for destruction. As the youngest child of the ruling family, she left home to seek her own fortune and thrills by spreading destruction. Before she left, her father gave her a dwarven-crafted weapon that would become her signature; an item known as The Fist. Myriel became quite powerful, eventually augmenting her destructive powers by joining the church of Pyrdalon.

What Myriel did during the following years is mostly unknown, but she has admitted to serving as a mercenary and an assassin.

Eventually, she fell victim to a powerful curse that changed her outlook on life. She renounced her former ways of spreading death and destruction and turned from Pyrdalon and joined the church of Merianda. The new Myriel was confused, alone, and suddenly very afraid of how to manage her powers without being corrupted by them and falling back into the moral abyss that she used to dwell in. She turned to the one man she knew of that had cast off his bond with Elri’Kah and who, according to the bards’ tales, had become a hero. Eventually catching up to him in Athela, she joined Damien and the Broken Talons.

While Myriel’s strength as a cleric is relatively weak, she does have the power to use her eldrich blast to heal others.

Myriel recently left the Broken Talons after arguments with Damien over the use of undead on missions. Upon learning that Damien walks closer to the dark path than she previously believed, and fearing that Damien was walking the same path as his father after all, she decided that she was better off on her own. Her last known location was Athela.

Myriel Cunuldor

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