Nigel Morieu


Nigel Morieu is the uncle of Damien Morieu (Grimskull), and was until recently a retired officer of the Ruby Armies of Nidal. The Morieu family are the custodians of Weatherly Hall, a grand estate in northern Nidal. Nigel is the current custodian of the estate.

After attending prep school, Nigel was commissioned as a Lieutenant in, at the time, His Royal Majesty’s Second Ondrosi Volunteer Grenadier Regiment. He served in Karadon, securing the city of Edria. Soon afterward, he was given command of a company of manticore-scouts in His Majesty’s Fourth Ruby Fusiliers up in Nidal, hunting Karadon skirmishers. Word came that a position was open for a senior officer in Virius Keep, and Nigel applied and was promoted. He worked my way up from Major to Colonel over in the early Llorkh’yar campaigns when his unit, the First Ondrosi Grenadiers, was chosen to lead the assault on Obsidian Keep. He held one of the senior positions at Obsidian Keep until his retirement.

When the Aranaudan Civil War broke out and when Siride captured Varinya, the Ruby Queen called for Nigel to return to active duty. Currently, Nigel holds the rank of General and was responsible for helping to evacuate the survivors of Thentia.

Nigel Morieu

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