Norrin Vassica

Vashek Nor, aka Norrin Vassica, aka Nohor Vesh


Kanen (Oni), Ninja/Rogue/Swashbuckler

Sadly Deceased. Passed on. He is no more. Has ceased to be. Has expired and gone to meet his maker. Stiff. Bereft of Life. Rests in Peace. If he hadn’t been nailed to the perch he’d be pushing up daisies. Metabolic Processes are history. Off the twig. Kicked the Bucket. Shuffled off his mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the Bleedin’ Choir Invisible! This is an ex-Hobgoblin!


Son of an exiled Oni ninja assassin by the name of Vashek Targ, who was once a jonin of the Hrak N’ta “the Clan of the Black Talon” back in Panmorn. Nor (‘Norrin’ was the Moresianation of the name) grew up on the road, seeing nearly every civilized (and several uncivilized) corner of Milaveron before fate brought him to Karad in Anathelas. He grew to love the cultured crossroads town and after his father’s unfortunate death, made his way by using the skills he’d been taught as a boy for first petty theft and then by doing odd jobs for the Duke’s Bailiff. In Karad, he reinvented himself as a wanna-be poet, man-of-letters, fop and legendary party animal. He was teamed in the service of the Bailiff with a group of other individuals to form the team that would later form the core of the Guild of the Broken Talon: Himself, Araceli Ceril, Damien ‘Grimskull’, Telios, and Adolphus ‘Thrillin’ Heroics’ Videlton. Along with these worthies he would experience adventures beyond the wildest tales in the books he loved, becoming a world traveler and adventurer, and would form friendships with his companions (or at least, an armed truce with Araceli). Damien especially he bonded with and went on several of the warlock’s strange adventures. He introduced the words “Black Talon” to the group and was there when they killed their first dragon. He lured Mila back into the guild. He died to the Illithids and he returned, with a mandate from Extus to replace Adolphus aka “TH”. In the end, it was on a quest to claim the head of the green dragon Cagarnrhakin that he was slain by one of Cagarnhakin’s landwyrms, trying to replicate TH’s heroic feats. His defiance of Extus has prevented his resurrection.

Legacy: While he was a co-founder of the Guild of the Broken Talon and part of most of their early feats, and co-penned many of their early ballads, it is primarily for his debaucheries that he is remembered. He was the first to chart out the sequence of bars in the infamous Karad pub-crawl that bears his name “Norrin’s Run” and his penchant for stealing halfling pants has made his name a byword in certain circles for that activity.

Norrin Vassica

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