Olleander Creekstone

Rogue that gets things done


Rogue 10


Though his time with the Broken Talons was short, he served to assist the guild while Decklin attempted the rescue of Gil.

He introduced himself as a friend of the Rithor family and would assist the guild in any way that he could. He did not have much time to get to know any of the guild as his life was cut short at the eyes of a beholder. He has currently passed and is waiting at the gates for a potential return.

Olleander Creekstone

In one word, Olle is one thing, a fixer. He’s a halfling of skill that travels from town to town fixing problems that anyone has, be it issues with customs officers or negotiating trade deals with opposing groups. That is not where it stops, but it’s his main bread and butter. He’s done his fair share of B&E as well, but that only goes with select clients.

Olle is originally from a clan of traveling merchants and performers. He’d primarily stay within the borders of Labrylla but would go out from time to time. His family was very close knit, enjoying all that the halfling culture had to offer. Song, Dance, Trade, Stories, you name it, they did it, they enjoyed life, and still do, when he gets together with them. Sadly, he’s rarely able to get together with them, but that’s how things happen.

Olle is an only child to Auran and Ellina Creekstone. Auran is a tailor by trade, keeping everyone in perfect clothing as well as performance outfits for all the shows the clan has to offer. Ellina is the smart one, the one that knows how to actually run a business and keep the clients happy. Together they are a great couple of parents, can’t ask for better. Both have one hell of a musical background, makes them quite popular within the clan.

They raised Olle to be fairly innocent, but that didn’t completely stick. Olle found that he had the silver tongue to a point, which at first was fine, until he started making deals, around the age of 15 or so, with some humans. Next thing he knew, he was dealing with all kinds of unsavory people as the clan went from town to town. He wasn’t getting completely screwed, he was getting training in some of the darker ways of things, and was a full rogue in no time.

Olle felt a little bad using the caravan as his trade route, but it just kinda happened. It happened for years and, from what he know, the parents never found about it.

Olle did this for a few years before deciding that he could do it on my own, fully. He was getting better and better organizing all his ‘jobs’ using purely word to mouth to get them. He found out early on that one of the biggest problems he had was that, as a halfling, many people wouldn’t take him seriously. Due to that he created Kerst. Kerst is completely made up and in name only. Olle had to start over to a point when he started that, but now, his entire business is run off people looking for Kerst. When the meetings started, he would be there as his voice. It helped to keep ‘Kerst’ as this mythical being of supreme power while preventing people from judging Olle’s short stature. After a while, people just started making stuff up about him. He’s fairly well known in some ports, some as an evil tyrant that you just don’t cross, to a mastermind, able to see things before they happen. All false of course, but who am I to stop them from making things up.

This of course has allowed Olle to create connections all over the globe. He’s done traveling in all areas of the globe possible, but usually no longer than a month or two at a time. One of the connections he made was Aldrea, Decklin’s aunt. At first, it was simply just ‘Kerst’ doing jobs for her, but after a few jobs, Olle and Aldrea actually met. From what Olle heard, that never happens. He should have smelled something was ‘wrong’ when she invited him, instead of Kerst, but Olle figured it would just be about a new job. He was quite wrong.

Before he sat down, she addressed him as Kerst. She was quite sure of herself and when he tried to talk myself out of it, she almost gave, but then simply smiled and said that she sees more than many do. Olle’s first instinct was to run. Run as far away from her as his little legs would take him, but she just gave a simple chuckle and told him she wasn’t out to kill him, or blow his cover. She just wanted to offer him a job. She had been impressed with his work and the fact he was able to do it with a cover. She mentioned that she would simply like him to work for her. Do what he always did, just now as her personal assistant. She let him know that she’d need eyes and ears all over the nation. She believed he’d be a perfect guy for the job.

The money she offered him was too hard to pass up. He officially became one of the family. It’s been one of the best moves of Olle’s life. Aldrea has paid him well, and has never lied to me, that he’s aware of. I’ve been as loyal to her as she has to me. It’s a great relationship.

As of recently, she’s been asking Olle to get information of some of the larger players with the war going on. He was in Karad when she mentioned that he’d been asked to help out a group. It was a personal favor and close to the family. Who is he to tell her no?

Olle knows of all Rithor family, but has no idea about the Bandit. He knows that Aldrea is the contact for the bandit, but not who it is. He has his theories, but no reason to play out any of them. Not worth ruining a good thing. Olle has also met all the kids a few times, they know him, he knows him, it’s a good relationship.

Olleander Creekstone

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