Human Paladin, smite monkey


Two weapons, Daybreak and his original longsword. Daybreak augments many of Quentin’s abilities at smiting.

Ac 33


Born to a minor knighted family Quentin is the 4th son of his family, who raise horses near the city of Athela. While his oldest brother stands to inherit and his other brothers joined the Anathelian legions Quentin never truly fit in with the rest. He joined the White robes in the north and expressed as a holy warrior and paladin, even though his root knowledge of the religion is not something he has studied at length. He believes, and that gives him power.

After seeing the Broken Talons in action and their assistance he was forwarded to them as a liason on a indefinite leave. While he is a full member of the council he has seconded his ability to Telios. Working more as the sword arm to allow Telios to do what needs for the rest of the group.


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