Shabra Nigdo



Siridan undead magic-user/noble?


“Lovingly” referred to as “Uncle” Shabra by Damien. Little is known of Shabra’s abilities, save that he is a powerful spellcaster. Formerly something of a general of Siride’s armed forces, Shabra is presently a member of the Black Ministry, the leading political body of Siride. While not well-known in the living world, within Siride he is acknowledged to be the architect of Siride’s recent victories in Varinya and Araunada, and along with acclaim for this is held responsible for the consequences of these actions…

Recently, Shabra approached the Broken Talons and told them that he wished to acquire them for Siride’s conflict with the Vashrans. Their association with Siride would not be voluntary. They could willingly sign on relatively soon, and become Citizens. If they attempted to resist, Shabra stated that he would bring pressure to bear on them in any way he could, forcing them to “volunteer” their services.

Shabra Nigdo

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