Taris Parethian

Former Governor of Karad


Governor-Aeduleran Taris Parethian was born into a minor knightly house around Athela. He entered the Imperial War College as part of his family’s required contribution to the Imperial Legions. There he rose through the ranks until he was made commander of the VI Silyan “Dragonnel” Legion. During the Emperor’s problems with Duke Duren Kanhilas over religious freedoms and resistance to the war with Cabryn, Taris was made governor of Karad.

Sadly, Parethian abused his position, and, at the behest of provocative agents, caused even more problems for the town. In the end, he led a small group of Juryani to attack Sitadyl Kanhilas, in order to try to arrest Kanhilas on trumped up charges of treason. Thankfully, the heroes were able to stop him, and Taris Parethian was stripped of his position and now serves Anathelas as a slave laborer.

Taris Parethian

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