Wyburn Duhiri

Rich & Powerful Nobleman


Anathelian Noble/Rogue


Count Wyburn Duhiri is the head of House Duhiri, a minor house sworn to House Kanhilas. House Duhiri rose to power hand-in-hand with the rise of Karad and House Kanhilas, and few in the area can forget it. The Count himself is a shrewd and clever man, and a skilled negotiator. (He is, it is known in less respectable business circles as a lethal and paranoid old monster, so much so that no sane assassin will take a contract on him, given the failure of all previous attempts). He succeeded Trask Thorlen as regent of Risothir.

Incidentally, it is well-known that Wyburn cares little for the activities of his grand-daughter.

Wyburn Duhiri

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