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  • Noble Houses

    *Moresian Great Houses* During the early days of the Moresian Empire, the Emperor had little to no power structure in place beyond the walls of Milasylla and was forced to rely on communiques from the various governing factions. Disputes between …

  • Araunada

    *Araunada* a.k.a. Western Siride *Resources*- gems, sone, paper, vellum, ink, hardwood, oil, arcane materials
    Until recently, Araunada was the seat of the exiled Council of Magi from the ancient Araun Empire. Considered by many to be one of the …

  • House Cunoldor

    Formerly, the ruling house of the Dubril Merchant Council. House Cunoldor was known publicly for its heavy-handed control of the trade city of Dubril and attempts at squeezing all the profit possible out of the Deltaran estates. Privately, House Cunoldor …

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