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  • Araunada

    *Araunada* a.k.a. Western Siride *Resources*- gems, sone, paper, vellum, ink, hardwood, oil, arcane materials
    Until recently, Araunada was the seat of the exiled Council of Magi from the ancient Araun Empire. Considered by many to be one of the …

  • Siride

    *Siride* *Resources*- papyrus, rice, oil, ink, copper, tin, textiles, paper After Tzimet tore itself apart, the corrupt magocratic city of Jai Runa sent its armies to lay claim to most of the former empire's lands. Few of the opposing Addrian tribes …

  • Shabra Nigdo

    "Lovingly" referred to as "Uncle" Shabra by [[:damien-morieu-grimskull | Damien]]. Little is known of Shabra's abilities, save that he is a powerful spellcaster. Formerly something of a general of Siride's armed forces, Shabra is presently a member of …

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