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  • Thentiya

    *Thentiya* *Resources*- horse, cotton, fruit, hops, wheat, iron, copper Thentiya is an ancient nation whose chivalric ideal and strong military has kept the barbarians surrounding them at bay for countless generations. For long ages, the priests of …

  • Nidal

    *Nidal* *Resources*- hardwood, oil, fish, fur, gems A cold nation of hardwood forest and cold farming, the nation of Nidal was formed by Naratani colonists shortly before the collapse of the Moresian Empire. While some of the lands to the northeast …

  • Mirimmae Brighthand

    Mirimmae was born to a potter and his wife, the first daughter of seven. Placido was a very good potter. His bread and butter were the basic items used in trade-class families, but his delight was in the commissions he received with some regularity from …

  • Amsar of Nowhere

    Son of a hardy Thentiyan frontier-folk, grew up hunting
    the dreaded Viakans, left to make his fortune in the world
    His fiancée was killed by a mysterious 'Bald Man' with
    unnatural powers of the mind. This drove him to join the

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