Broken Talon


The guild started as a group of would be adventurers working under Bailif Verimar. Their adventures through Karad and the surrounding area have been written and sung for some time.

After finishing their time in Karad they branched into Cabryn, doing what they could to help some of the general populace in the north, near Risothir and Moyarit. Culminating in the capture of Oganis Ford. Along this road they have slain man, beast, beholder and dragon. They have explored dwarven ruins on Gleddland, have gone to the dread city of Velos, and have helped to evacuate Thentiya.

Recently, a large number of volunteers and their families, spurred to join the Talons thanks to the influence of the guild’s bard, Lydia, made their way up to Oganis Ford in order to join the company. At roughly the same time, the Two Steels company, an established merc company that is well-respected in Anathelas, petitioned to join the Broken Talon guild. In an effort to gain the money and logistics needed to support the influx of soldiers, the guild leadership petitioned the current regent of Risothir for backing. As a show of support, the guild was granted nearly 1200 square miles of land to govern. In the wake of this gift, the new settlers as well as residents of Risothir have begun referring to the land north of them as the Talon Plains.

Where their adventures will lead and who will survive them no one knows, man or diety. What is for certain is that it will go down in the annals of history. And be Awesome!

Guild Motto

WWTHD – What would TH do?

Notable members
*Adolphus “T.H.” VideltonRIP
*Araceli aka the Duheri Firebomb
*Damien Morieu (Grimskull)
*Norrin VassicaRIP
*Zarik (currently on hiatus)
*Jonar Brinn – Probationary Status

*Decklin RithorRIP
*Lana Argor
*Milavenitsia Stormcraft aka Mila – RIP
*Mirimmae Brighthand
*The Whiterobe Liaison: Sir Quentin

*Egrin- Acting Captain of the Broken Talon company
*Jerram- Bookkeeper and Procurement Specialist
*Stephan- Steward of Oganis Ford
*Lydia- Recruitment Officer

Broken Talon

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