Moresian Calendar

Months are 3 weeks of 8 days apiece, tied closely to the phases of the moon, Halik. There are fifteen months of the year. Typically, during late harvest, (usually between the months of Warmhearth and Coldearth) five days are set aside for Festival.

The days are known only by numbers within each week. The weeks are named by their place within the month:

Adinfa – Firstweek Fadisfa – Middleweek Tanfa – Lastweek

The months are named from the effects of the environment. In order: Endfrost -beginning of growing season Skychange Bloomwell Greenfield Bluesky Brightwind -height of growing season Dryearth Clearfield Warmhearth Coldearth Huntquick -beginning of down-season Whitefall Hiddenfield Darkwind Everice


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