Character Points

Character Points

I could waste a paragraph talking about what Character Points are about, and what this means to you, the player, but I think we’ve passed that point 2 campaigns ago. Here’s what you can do with them.

1 point- Your character can visit a trainer to learn 3 skill points worth of skills, beyond skill points received from levelling. Treat these points as regular skill points for determining the acquisition of cross-class skill ranks.

1 point- Your character can visit a trainer to learn one skill trick (as from Complete Scoundrel).

3 points- Your character can visit a trainer to learn any one feat that they qualify for.

3 points- Your character can gain a feat from a small list that enhances their own natural abilties. The list is detailed below.

5 points- Your character gains one Hero Point. This Hero Point can be used to allow acts of dramatic heroism, including such feats as barely hanging to life when anyone else would have died.

Feats your character can pick up “naturally” (without training):

Luck Feats (from Complete Scoundrel)
Destiny Feats (from Races of Destiny, racial requirements have been dropped)
Domain Feats (for divine casters)
Metamagic Feats (for arcane casters)
Incarnum Feats (for using your Spirit Points)

Character Points

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