History As long as written histories note, the land has been ruled by dragons. The only thing older than the dragons, supposedly, is the land itself. The eldest known dragons are the Star Dragons, epitomes of their kind. What differentiates Star Dragons from the other dragons, genealogically, is unknown.

For much of the early histories, the various sentient races of the world were forced into service to dragonkind. For the most part, each major breed of dragon had a unique and individual race subservient to it (save the darasas, who were the lowest of the original servants, and sworn to all). Indeed, legend states that none other than the dragons themselves were responsible for the creation of the mortal races. While the metallic dragons treated their servants fairly, the chromatic dragons took advantage of the races sworn to them.

It was the servants of the chromatic dragons that begged for the means to free themselves, and likely the first to fall to the Curse of Zaliaz. While servants of the metallic dragons suffered as well from the Curse, many of the mortals serving the metallics had been allowed to wield limited magic under supervision of their patrons, and so weren’t completely unfamiliar with the discipline required (Even before the uprising, Zaliaz had made magic difficult to handle for the few mortals who had been allowed by their patrons to wield such power, as if begrudging them every bit of magical energy they were allowed to channel).

As the servants of the chromatic dragons quickly mastered the arcane talents, they led an uprising against their dragon overlords. The dragons, caught off-guard, fought back as best as they could, inflicting extraordinary amounts of losses, but the humans and Halikim continued to fight. In the end, the chromatic dragons fell, and what few survived fled to the ends of the earth.

During the conflict, however, many of the human and Halikim proto-mages had fallen to the Curse. In their driven efforts to ensure that their former masters had been truly defeated, they came across the servants of the metallics. Previously, the only encounters the two groups of mortals had with each other was conflict, when the chromatics would inevitably send raiding parties or war bands against the metallics or their servants. So when a group of angry, half-mad mages appeared at the borderlands of the metallic lands, the dragons themselves appeared to ensure that the humans & Halikim weren’t out to attack their servants again.

What the metallic dragons hadn’t considered was how far the proto-mages had truly fallen. In their madness, they could barely tell one dragon from another, and when they finally reasoned out who the other dragons were, were already attacking. In the end, nearly all of the Gold & Silver dragonflights, and much of the other metallics, were quickly wiped out.

The elves, knowing what had happened, came to the Poison Sea to teach the humans & Halikim how to control the magic they were now able to wield. Their anger at losing their benefactors, however, remained for generations, and affected their relations with the other two races for quite some time.


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