Did you know…

-When the magically talented come into their powers, they must quickly find some way of stabilizing their abilities or risk falling permanently to the Curse of Zaliaz. Usually, a mentor offers to teach them one of two ways to stabilize their powers: submitting themselves before a divine intercessor, who assists them in channeling their power through one of the more stable prime forces of creation, or the more challenging methods of discipline and ritual. The first option leads the magic-user through the paths of the Divine spellcaster, while the second leads them through the difficult path of the Arcane.

-Mages are typically trained by a noble house-sponsored mage’s guild. The quality of materials and instruction varies by guild, but most have connections to larger guilds, which are in turn watched over by Araunadan-trained mages. The export of trained and loyal mages has become one of Araunada’s prime influx of cash.

-The life of a guild mage is one of relative freedom, with a few responsibilities. Often, guild mages will be asked to assist in construction, or use of utility spells to assist with house business. While not an often occurrence, a mage might be asked to assist with house business in a more discreet manner, forming a group with members of other house guilds, often to undermine the actions of other noble houses.

-By law and general consensus, guild mages are prohibited from the field of battle against other civilized nations. Araunadan mages working with the various rulers are duly prohibited, since part of their oaths to the High Council at Ral’Dia forbids them from taking up spells or arms on the field of battle except in the defense of Araunada proper. Whether the actions of house action groups count as the field of battle varies greatly depending on their actions.

-It is the rare mage that is invited to study in Araunada proper. Completing their courses of study brings with it great prestige and assurance of wealth and security for the rest of their natural lives; on the other hand, the Araunadans are rightfully demanding of the mages they take on. At minimum, each mage is sworn to one of the Araunadan Great Houses, and the defense of the lands and secrets of the remnants of the Araun Empire is to be their highest priority. Betrayal of the oaths of an Araunadan House Mage is never taken lightly, as the presence of magical execution squads affirms. The only group to successfully rebel from Araunada would be the warmages of Sitadyl Dulerkrau, in Cabryn.

-The majority of the people in the world are represented by NPC classes. Even of the magically-capable, most are adepts, gleaners, and magewrights (from the Eberron campaign seting). While not in as significant numbers as other campaign settings, they are known and accepted parts of most of Mil’Averon society. Obviously, the numbers of each vary widely by area.

-While elite troops do exist in nearly every nation (as opposed to the typical 1st-lvl warrior), the highest level active characters are usually house action groups, since noble house guilds are the only groups with good enough resources and instructors to regularly field decent amounts of high-level characters. Some of the higher level mercenary companies can field tolerably high-level characters as well.

-The effects of the taint of the Darklands appear to be relatively permanent, but can be pushed back with a concerted enough effort. It appears to be a corruptive effect that can be pushed back through the use of large amounts of divine magic; until then, the effects of teleportation, healing, and protective spells are often diminished if not eradicated.

-The much feared armies of the Darklands, while powerful, are relatively small for the area they “control”. In the end, operating in the Darklands itself is dangerous enough for a normal army that little seems needed for defending the interior, leaving the dark forces to be deployed for maximum effect.

-Apparently, the major area of commitment for the Darklands army appears to be holding off the Virius Alliance forces on the peninsula of Llorkh’yar on the northeast corner of Ryllyn. Despite the threat of the Darklands taint and the never-ending attacks by Aarthen (and worse), the forces of the Alliance have been slowly making headway onto the continent.


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