Most of the languages commonly spoken on Mil’Averon are either close regional languages or newer trade languages that have developed as combinations of major regional languages. A few racial languages exist, but are rarely spoken outside of the race’s limited area.

Trade Languages

The most common trade language in recent times is Labryllan. Considering Labrylla’s fortunate position and economic power in recent times, it’s little surprise that citizens of many nations are familiar with it. For all intents and purposes, unless an area is noted to have a powerful regional language, assume Labryllan to be Common for character creation.
Other trade languages include: Naratan, which is growing in power alongside Narati’s growing influence; Anathelian, which is mostly limited to western Ryllyn; and Tzimesh, which is still commonly used in the area around the Poison Sea.

Former Trade Languages

Trade languages that are no longer in use often are tied with the fall of the nation which originally supported the language. While Moresian is still commonly used in the lands in which it was prevalent, often in formal documentation or ceremonies, most of the other major languages have all but disappeared.
Former trade languages include Moresian, whose rise and fall was tied to the rise and fall of the Moresian Empire; Araun, which helped form other languages, including Naratan, Moresian, Araunadan, Varinyan, and Thentiyan; Na’Omedi, which hasn’t been spoken widely since the collapse of the Omedim Kingdom; and Kesirvra, whose prevalence in Ryllyn was undone by the overthrow of the Elirho Empire.

Regional Languages

Many areas still use their regional language, either out of stubbornness, pride, or some combination of the two. Many of the regional languages vary in age. Araunadan is quite old, dating back to the years after the fall of the Araun Empire. Deltaran, on the other hand, is relatively new, having been developed after the fall of the Moresian Empire.

Languages of Power

Certain languages that would be common to other campaign settigns are nonexistent or rare on Mil’Averon. Few texts have been found that are written in the languages of the former overlords, meaning that knowledge of Draconic is almost nonexistent. Darastrii speak Darastrivra, and Kobolds speak Kobold.
Languages such as Celestial or Infernal are represented with Astral, which allows communication between mortals and deific servants.


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