About Horses in Mil’Averon

Being without much for mystical transportation, the majority of the population of Mil’Averon must make due with what’s readily available. Millennia of breeding has turned the Ryllyn and Viakan horses into often specialized creatures capable of performing many tasks in regular society. A few breeds have been assisted in their development with magic, and turned into creatures of true majesty (or, in at least one case, a wild instrument of destruction)

Typical Horse Breeds by Classification

At least one breed of each type can be typically found almost anywhere. Warhorses are often treated as weapons as far as legal restrictions on purchasing are concerned. Law varies by area.

Stats are as found in the Monster Manual, unless otherwise noted.

Heavy Horse
Typical breeds include: Brindaryl Dray, Duskmoon Draft, Kardyllan Draft, Nidalan Rounsey, and the Shield Stot

Heavy Warhorse
Typical breeds include: Blackblood Charger, Bloodcrystal Darkmanes, Kavdian Destrier, Larindorian Destrier, and the Viakan Charger

Light Horse
Typical breeds include: Abishai Rider (palfrey), Kithlanan Palfrey, Jerdanian Garron (medium-sized), Lindorian Palfrey, Northern Rounsey, Omedim Longrider (rounsey), Targrethian Farm (rounsey), and the Tzimet Rounsey

Light Warhorse
Typical breeds include: Dartak Longhair (courser), Panmorn Black (courser), Rinai Skewbald, and the Tzimet Courser

Typical breeds include: Northern Pony, Thentiyan Pony, Gledding Pony, and the Mouqulan Pony

Typical breeds include: Silver Warpony, Arrayn Warpony

Special Horse Breeds

Some horses have had magical assistance in their breeding, and it shows in their abilities. These horse breeds are much rarer, and both availability and legality of purchase might be tough to overcome.

Silyani Longstrider
Heavy warhorse found in Anathelas and Cabryn. Extremely sturdy, and is well-disciplined in the field of battle. As stats in MM, except as follows: Speed 60 feet +2 Strength, +2 Constitution Base Price: 2,000 gp

Addrian Courser
Light warhorse used by the Addrians against the Siride. Amazingly fast, and can maintain a gallop for significantly longer than average. As stats in MM, except as follows: Speed 70 feet +2 Constitution Base Price: 1,500 gp

Siride Firemane
Light warhorse with bright, red mane. Extremely tough to control, but acts with a strong sense of purpose. The Siride specially bred it to keep that sense of purpose after reanimation. As stats in MM, except as follows: +2 Strength, -2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma Base Price: 1,000 gp

Arraptiran Rager
Heavy warhorse found in the heart of Viakan territory. They are by nature almost insanely violent, and they require a significant amount of violence in their training to bring them under even the pretense of control. Arraptiran Ragers seemingly hate everything and everyone, and only refrain from harming their riders to avoid taking much worse punishment later. It is unknown what corrupted these beasts so, but no magic as been able to completely remove the bloodlust from their natures. As stats in MM, except as follows: +4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -4 Wisdom Ability to rage as 1st level barbarian +2 CR Base Price: 1,600 gp

Brindaryl Workhorse
Heavy Horse found in the Brindaryl plains. Very easy to work with, and easily trained. As stats in MM, except as follows: +2 Strength, +1 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom +2 on all Handle Animal checks conferred to handler or trainer when training this horse Base Price: 350 gp

Thentiyan Charger
Heavy warhorse found on the Thentiyan front lines. Being under nearly constant attack has imbued a certain amount of survivability into the breed, but they never leave a battle unless directed to. As stats in MM, except as follows: +2 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, +2 Wisdom Receives the Lightning Reflexes feat as a bonus feat Base Price: 1,800 gp

Improving Your Mount

Often, the weakest link in a mounted character’s equipment list at high levels is the mount itself. While a few supernatural mounts are available for such a character, another possibility involves training.

Training a mount to make it healthier and generally more capable requires a Handle Animal check DC 20 + current HD, and two weeks worth of time. It requires half of the mounts cost as training fees for each HD it acquires (1/4 market price if the character is doing the training). Improved mounts are touchy, though, and only work with the character to whom it is attuned; if anyone else attempts to work with it, a -4 penalty is imposed on relevant Handle Animal and Ride checks. The improved mount will also refuse to take orders from any one with less than 2 more HD than it, meaning you need to be 7th level to bring a heavy warhorse from 4 HD to 5 HD, or else it will refuse to take orders.

Any class ability or spell that gives an animal bonus HD overlap with the bonus HD for improving a mount, instead of adding to it. For example, a druid with a horse for an animal companion has little to no benefit from Improving it.


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