Oganis Ford


A small milling and farming community at the northern edge of Cabryn the town was abandoned shortly before the invasion of Cabryn by their neighbor Anathelas. The town was for a short time a ghost town, only to be turned into the base of operations for an individual named Cirothe Celadon. Celadon was a ghost himself, no one sure if he even existed.

Seladaan was discovered to be a young Green dragon during the fight between the newly minted Broken Talon guild and their mercenaries during the taking of the ford. During the fight Seladaan was killed and his mercenaries wiped out and run off.

The town has since weathered other attacks from the north, from the scouts of the Western Darklands. Though the scouts were successfully repelled the weaknesses of the town were seen. The town has been growing steadily over the last year.


Lying 78 miles NE of Risothir, Oganis Ford has a natural ford in the river that runs on the north side of the town. On the north side of the river lies a 5 mile strip of forest. To the south of the river a large stretch of plains and farmlands.

Town at Present:

While still a small town on the northern edge of the lands, the town is growing. There are three temples now presently located within the town. While several members of the leadership have taken a more permanent residence in the town the core council is rarely in town. It is managed in their stead by an assorted cast of individuals. Chief among these are Jerem and Stephan. Count Wyburn Duhiri, recently made regent over this area of Cabryn, continues to make investments into the town’s infrastructure, defenses, and industry.

The town is currently surrounded by 20-foot wooden walls, with a number of barracks and drilling grounds within. The Broken Talon guild mans several watchtowers along the northern border and one along the road to Risothir. Although not typical, the guild has signed contracts with all of the farmers under its protection, stating that if the Broken Talons call for an evacuation of the outlying areas, all lands will be returned to their original owners or their heirs. This was necessary after a few farmers were reluctant to leave their farms during the first Vashran attack.


After the fall of Araunada, approximately 150 exiled mages sought refuge in Oganis Ford. They are led by Talia Arzhaelnos and include an alchemist and several enchanters. They are currently building a tower just outside the city, and will shortly have extra residential housing as well as a palisade around their section of the city.


The town is primarily a town on the frontier of the farming lands of Cabryn. The river and small lake to the west side of the town power both a lumbermill and a grain mill. Also of note are tanneries supplied acid by a collection of beatles on the north of the town.

Temples and Shrines:

  • Hariben
  • Brindar
  • Frendila

Currently, there are these skilled trades:
* Black Smith
* Small Smith
* Weapon Smith
* Armor Smith
* Copper Smith
* Glassblower
* Tanner
* Leather Worker
* Saddle Maker
* Carpenter
* Cooper
* Cartwright
* Wheelwright
* Potter
* Apothecary
* Animal Husbandry
* Grain Miller
* Lumber Miller
* Fletcher
* Hunters/Trappers


  • Copper deposit East of town roughly 10 miles on the south side of the river
  • Taconite – Need trained alchemists to make full use
  • Dlarun vein reported just north of the border
  • The nearby forest has a few bronzewood trees
  • The forest nearby is mostly softwood pine, with some maple and oak

Oganis Ford

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