In general, there are 5 types of religions on Mil’Averon: theistic, philosophical, dragon-worship, spirit-worship, and nature-worship. Within each, there are different groups.


Theistic religions on Mil’Averon typically worship a pantheon of deities, many of them (according to mythic history) created when Millona created beings high and low to tend to the new world of the Star Dragons. Many of the peoples of Eastern Ryllyn, and the lands around the Ril’Mouqul follow the old pantheon of deities, commonly referred to as the Star Pantheon.
Lindorian Elves are rumoured to follow their own pantheon of deities, but no one knows whether these are different deities or the same deities with different names. The elves of Ere’Streah are markably silent on the issue, although they give lip-service to the Star Pantheon.
As a side note, many of the other religions pay lip-service to one or more deities as a part of their own beliefs.


A few of the races and cultures of Mil’Averon follow philosophical beliefs, some new some old. The oldest known philosophical religion is that of the Domrin, or Gnomes, who believe in sort of a philosophical alchemy through crafting. The Kosthyr or Halflings also have a philosophy revolving around seeing and doing new things, basically a kind of “the more you see and do in your life, the more enlightened you are”.
The newest “philosophical” religion is that of the Faith of the Golden Rays, also known as the Faith of the Light and the Church of Millona. Formed during the early days of the Ryllynese revolt against Elven occupation, and led by the charismatic Davin Tel’Vos, the Faith of the Light was to become the formative religion of the Moresian Empire. 300 years after the fall ofthe empire, the faith is still strong in much of the lands of central and western Ryllyn, and in fact is the sponsor of the Crusade of the Light, the supposedly unaligned knighthood responsible for keeping the horrors of the Western Darklands at bay.


While many cultures give the old dragons a healthy amount of respect at least, there are still quite a few places and peoples in the world who worship the dragons they used to serve directly. The Darastrii are probably the most prolific dragon-worshipers, while the small island of Iziz is one of the most diverse societies to focus on dragon-worship. It is suspected that the people of Araunada worship dragons as a part of their complex religion.


Spirit worship includes both worship of the spirits of the natural world, and worship of ancestor spirits. The Kanan of Panmorn are the largest group of spirit-worshiping peoples on Mil’Averon, while it is suspected that the Elves of Lindoria include spirit-worship in their beliefs. The warrior tribes of Kabi-Larindor have an intense spirit-based religion.


Few, if any, societies in the world follow a truly nature-based religion, many having changed to a spirit-based religion or some hybrid of it. It is suspected that some elves worship nature as a whole, while it is assumed that nature-worship plays a part in the massively complex Metzapalian religion, but the Pali peoples are to insular to approach on the subject.

Deities and Shards

Name Alignment Symbol Portfolio Domains Favored Weapon
Millona Supposedly LN White Sunburst Supposedly All Varies Varies
Brindar NG Wheat Sheaf Agriculture, Family Community, Creation, Earth, Family, Healing, Plant, Renewal Sickle
Cindra CG Harp & Lute Music, Luck Charm, Competition, Luck, Travel Dagger
Dreyard LG Open Eye Guidance, Foresight Destiny, Dream, Fate, Knowledge, Mentalism Unarmed Strike
Extus N Dagger pointing Down Death Balance, Death, Healing, Madness, Pact, Undeath Dagger
Ferin CE Jagged Bone Shard Disease, Suffering Death, Hunger, Gluttony, Pain, Pestilence, Slime, Suffering Heavy Flail
Frendila NG Ring on Shield Health, Protection Community, Courage, Healing, Protection, Water Longsword
Grandeiz CN Lightning Weather, Storms Air, Ocean, Storm, Travel, Weather, Windstorm, Wrath Warhammer
Halik LE Crescent Moon Night, Spellcasters Darkness, Deathbound, Domination, Illusion, Knowledge, Liberation, Magic, Mind, Moon, Rune, Spell Staff
Hariben LN Map Leadership, War Courage, Force, Nobility, Planning, Pride, Retribution, War Greatsword
Harn N Tree Nature, The Wild Animal, Balance, Cavern, Plant, Purification, Sun, Wrath Scythe
Krynda N Serpent and Book Magic, Knowledge Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Mentalism, Mind, Spell, Summoner Staff
Merianda CN Tragedy Mask w/ eyes covered Fortune, Thieves City, Envy, Greed, Luck, Trickery Dagger
Ollatuan LN Hourglass Trade, Time Celerity, City, Craft, Fate, Pact, Time, Trade, Wealth Light Mace
Pyrdalon CE Flaming Skull Destruction Destruction, Fate, Fire, Force, Magic, Undeath, Wrath Maul
Tarrinda LG Scales & Sword Justice, Valor Courage, Glory, Inquisition, Retribution, Strength, Wrath Longsword
Tharindsa NE Black Sunburst Corruption, Deception Corruption, Creation, Death, Knowledge, Hatred, Madness, Pain, Pestilence, Pride, Undeath Dagger
Thedinaar LE Four-pointed Star Hatred, Tyranny Cold, Deathbound, Domination, Force, Hatred, Planning, Pride, Strength, Tyranny, War, Wrath Greatsword
Velina NE Eye showing behind hand Secrets, Scandals Charm, Darkness, Dream, Envy, Illusion, Knowledge, Lust, Mind, Trickery Dagger


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