Reserve Points

Characters now have access to Reserve Points, which act as added after-combat healing. Characters with RP have an amount of RP equal to their normal maximum Hit Point value. A 3rd level fighter with 24 hit points would also have 24 Reserve Points.

When resting, characters can convert reserve points to hit points on a one-to-one basis. One reserve point can be converted for every minute of rest. Characters trained in Heal can help adjust the rate which others convert RP. (See related Heal page)

A few circumstances prevent normal Reserve Point conversion. If a character has less than half their maximum normal hit points (is “bloodied”), they are too wounded to be able to quickly recover unassisted. A “bloodied” character cannot convert RP to HP normally; they can, however, get assistance from a successful Heal check.

A character who is disabled or unconscious from HP loss or subdual damage cannot convert RP to HP, even assisted. Either magic or rest is required to get the character to a condition in which Reserve Points can be converted.

If Hit Points are lost in a way that they cannot be normally recovered (extraordinary sources of damage, such as Frostburn or Vile damage), those HP cannot be recovered via Reserve Point conversion.

Reserve Points are recovered by resting when unwounded. Reserve points recover at the same rate as hit points normally do when resting. For example, your 5th level character has 40 maximum HP. He is currently at 38 HP and no remaining RP. If he receives assisted recovery (a successful DC 15 heal check), he would recover his 2 lost HP, and (now that he has no lost HP) the remaining 8 points healed would go to restoring lost RP.

Reserve Points

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