For the Glory of the Empire!

Act I

Act I

The setting: Karad, a large trading city in Anathelas. Ruled by Duke Duren Kanhilas.

The party, brought together by the Duke’s bailiff, Yonsohn Verimar, begins looking into some problems stemming from bandits and possibly rebels in the forests north of Karad. Meanwhile, problems were stirring up in the city itself, led mostly by the Thieves’ Guild, the Broken Scepters, and their patron, Duke Devis Belerim, a long-time opponent of Duke Duren. The other source of major problems in the city was from the city’s Imperial Governor, Taris Parethian, a staunch Millonan. While the problems to the north were slowly dealt with (including a mysterious plague, caused by creatures referred to at the time as the Travelers), the problems in the city got worse, including whispers of mysterious magic, abuse of power at the hands of the Governor and the legion under him, and religious troubles caused by agents of House Angelstrand, supporters of the Millonan faith. As events led to a crescendo in the city, the governor led a small force to arrest the Duke on trumped up charges. Thankfully, the party joined with the Duke and one of the Duke’s old companions, a Darastrii named Drakahn, to fight off the Governor’s troops, arrest the Governor, and have him deposed.

Other items of note during this time period are the beginnings of Norin’s run, a pub crawl through two districts of Karad.

Figures of note met during this time include Two Copper, The Burning Dogs and the ever present Hakim of Hakim’s horses.

The first ties to the Travelers were pulled together during this period, identifying them as individuals with no hair on their bodies and had a tendency to cause headaches to any withing proximity. The cure, that they provided to the plague was nicknamed as Cleric in a bottle after the encounter with them up in Red Mill. They are recognized as one of the major powers.

Also of note during this time was the burning of a bookstore known as Berem’s books, a location that held some significance to both Norin and Telios in particular.


I’ll add more when I get home and have my notes in front of me to fill out some of these events.

Act I

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