For the Glory of the Empire!

Act II

Cabryn, Death, and Mishaps

After our merry band of adventurers was given their license to form a mercenary group, they headed out to Risothir to make their fortunes. There, they were at the disposal of Trask Thorlen, who was ruling Duke Kanhilas’s territories in Cabryn. Their first order of business was to investigate odd magical happenings: people disappearing without signs of violence; random patches of wild magic and other reports of strange things. Their investigations turned up no cause for such things, only scrying foci that don’t seem to match with regular schools of magic and rumors of one or more bald tinkers roaming the countryside.

As the odd magic seemed to be emanating from Moyarit, a city held by Duke Belerim’s troops, the Broken Talons (for so they had decided to call themselves) investigate the town itself. Their questions did not please whoever was in charge, as shades attacked them in the night. Araceli fell.

The next morning, they were joined by Milestia Stormhand, mercenary whose guild had disappeared from Moyarit. Their investigations were more fruitful, and they discovered an underground lair guarded by undead and containing odd magical experiments, including an orc with a tattoo that looked much like a tattoo on Telios’s arm. The party took the orc, burned the building above to the ground, and returned to Risothir.

They then began the pilgrimage for Araceli. It was successful, but not without some difficulties. First, Norrin and Mila drunkenly decided to steal a “mummy” from a circus in Dubril. The following day, the group was ambushed by a Traveller, and Adolphus was taken. It was later confirmed that he died.

Upon their arrival in Risothir, they were given a new task by Lord Trask. A small town near the borders of the Darklands had been taken over by bandits, lead by a cunning woodsman. If the Broken Talons could take the town, they could keep it and develop it. Some of the guild went to Karad to recruit troops. While there, they recruited Cedric.

Once their troops were ready, the Broken Talons cautiously advanced on Oganis Ford. It, and the farmlands around it, was abandoned. They began to set up defenses, and the guild leadership tried to figure out what had happened to the bandits and how best to draw them out of hiding. Eventually, most of the guild leadership was called away to Risothir. While they were gone, the bandits struck. Fortunately, Telios was granted a vision, and the absent Broken Talons were able to teleport back to Oganis Ford in time. The bandits were defeated, as was their leader, Celedon—who also happened to be a young green dragon. Shortly thereafter, they killed a beholder and its young that had been plaguing Risothir.

The development of the town began, and the Broken Talons decided that they needed more funds to promote the growth of their venture. As Cabryn was relatively quiet, they decided to try their hand at delving into Dwarven ruins in Gledland. The ruins were dark, smelly, and overrun with trogdolytes that were terrorizing nearby settlements. They discovered a great orrery, a sentient mechanical warrior (Durkaren), and a cleric, Mirimmae. Before their return to Ryllyn, they also met up with the Golden Halbreds, another mercenary group.

Somewhere in their travels, the Broken Talon had heard of an island where bald men were holding men prisoner, where strange flowers caused the minds of men to go mad. Because of the orc discovered in Moyarit, the location of the island, and its possible connection with Telios’s family, the guild decided to investigate.

This ended disastrously. They were attacked by trolls with strange crystals in their foreheads and Travellers (who out of game were revealed to be ilithids). Only Damien and Araceli escaped. After a respite and assurances that the Travellers would be gone when they returned, the pair went back to the island to see what had become of their companions. They found a few remains, but everything else was gone. Further exploration of the island revealed strange pyramidal rocks. Damien collected one, along with a crystal pried from the forehead of a dead troll. The duo returned to Karad.

Once in Karad, the city was in uproar. Targrath had issued and posted letters, declaring that Cabryn and Anathelas were basically to surrender, or fight.



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