For the Glory of the Empire!

August 22

The long awaited Illithid confrontation.

During our preparing for the coming fight we decided to give Duke Kanhilas one additional day to get closer to Belond with his forces to be able to secure the city.

That night, all of the casters felt something become…off. The stars in the sky turned green, the moon was also a green. The guild collected at Berem’s tower to discuss the issue. Berem observed the moon through a telescope and was able to see black flecks also on the moon.

We then saw a the sky…ripple and a purple star appeared in the sky. A vision and a pair of Communes later we had some answers and more questions regarding what was happening. We were able to ask several pointed questions regarding the origins of Mil’Averon, and the Divine Prison.

We then prepared for the next day and setup for the encounter.

Part of the group wind walked in with the other portion teleporting into the city. The guild with the Arunadan and Naratani assistance prepared for the fight and started in on the pillars. During our preparation we saw that the Temple of Ollatuan that had been a sanctuary had been breached.

After the ensuing fight one of the illithids was able to escape, however the second was captured alive. The one we captured was also the illithid that had been previously encountered and had almost decimated us.

Damien, Zarik and Muriel teleported to Athela with the captured illithid and turned it over to Aelric III directly.



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