For the Glory of the Empire!

July 25 & Aug 1

The Broken Talons were debating the best method of assaulting Bellond in Damien’s apartment when Amsar of Nowhere heard steps on the stair. There was the sand pouring in through the cracks in the door (a herald that Olladawan is unhappy about something, or that our heroes are about to have another group -hallucination- vision). A group of extra-planar creatures, mezzoloths, attacked. As the enemy used cloud kill in such close quarters, most of the guild ended up jumping out the window to escape it. There were more of the creatures below. More cloud kills were released. In the end, the creatures were defeated. The Talons worked to save the citizens of the Tradesmen’s Ward from the poisonous clouds.

The guild argued almost all through the night. The use of mindless undead was brought up as a way to have reinforcements that could not be influenced by the Travellers. The use of the Juryani was also brought up, as a more battle-worthy yet still unlikely to be influenced group to take to Bellond. Upon discussion with Duke Kanhilas, this idea was ditched.

Still debating the best course of action, the Broken Talons returned to Damien’s apartment. While there, Amsar noticed a small eye watching them from the window—odd, because Damien lives on the second floor of his building. Amsar shot it. Between the casters, they figured out that the eye was a part of a spell used to spy on them, and that there were likely more out there.

The guild determined to try to find another of the eyes, and track it back to the person who had cast it. They were eventually successful, and tracked the eye to the Silver Ward before it was lost. The group determined that the eye had likely gone down to the sewers, and they followed.

They had found Belerim, mage and former duke of Bellond. The battle did not take very long, but it was costly to the Broken Talons. Deklin died in the first wave of spells that Belerim unleashed. The Talons did triumph, and they paraded Belerim’s body through the town to the palace of Duke Kanhilas. Amsar took his leave.

The guild was then accosted by their hired -publicity agent- bard, Lydia. Since the deaths of Adolphus and Norrin, the group had not been good about filling her in on their exploits. And without material, how could they expect her to promote the guild? To remedy this, she insisted that the guild bring with them Reynold. Reynold claims to be an unemployed scribe with no combat skills, although Mirimmae’s instincts say he is not telling the truth. The guild thus far has not been convinced to bring him along, as they don’t wish to be even partly responsible for another ally’s death.



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