For the Glory of the Empire!

Oct. 3 & 10

Dungeon Time!

In the third room were four spectral figures, each standing and chanting over a bowl. Black, smoky blood flowed from their wrists into the bowls, and from the bowls into grooves in the floor. The channels led to an abyss, with the blood ever-flowing into it. Suspended above the abyss was a box with a tile on it. Zarik cast a spell that summoned a hand to remove the tile, and then remove the 28 quartz pieces from the box.

A celestial being was in the fourth room, along with spectral petitioners. None of them seemed to notice us. Telios approached it, at which point it exploded into putrid goo and then reassembled itself. The fight against the angel of decay was tedious, as the sludge on the floor drained health from our heroes and gave it to the undead creature. It was defeated at last. Another tile and 28 more quartz were collected. The guild decided to rest, although the casters were plagued with bad dreams.

The next “day,” the Broken Talons advanced to the fifth room. From a portal emerged a bizarre creature—the shell of a snail with tentacles emerging from it, each tentacle with a void at the tip. A magical barrier snapped into place behind our heroes—retreat was not an option. The fight was fierce but relatively quick. The shell of the creature was apparently made of dwarven steel, which the guild took. Tile and quartz pieces were taken, and the guild moved forward.

The sixth room was filled with spectral figures waiting in line. At the front of the room was a large statue of a dragon’s front. Resting on one claw was an orb of annihilation, into which the spirits were walking. The other claw held humanoid statues, attached to which was another tile. To either side of the carving were bas reliefs. One side depicted a city and creatures. The other showed destruction. Telios collected the tile; more quartz pieces were found. The group moved to the next room.

Four shadows and two nightshades awaited in the seventh room. They were defeated; tile and quartz gathered. Wounds and other damage were healed. After a little debate, the Talons decided to advance.

Down a long hallway they went, with the walls looking more like bone than stone. At the end of the hall was a portal. Through the portal was a room with seven altars, each with a large, tarnished chalice with writing and a slot. These altars were arranged in a circle around a dais, which was veiled by shadows. Eventually, the Broken Talons figured out the key to the riddle. They placed the tile into the slot with the matching inscription, and placed in each chalice a multiple of seven quartzes—seven for the first altar, fourteen for the second, etc. In front of each altar a shadowy figure emerged, reminiscent of the contents of the corresponding room. The guild spoke the name inscribed on the tiles, and the shadowy figures vanished, as did the veil around the dais.

After some experimentation and thought, it was decided to have Damien cast the first scroll of freedom, using the name pieced together from the tiles. A figure appeared on the dais. It appeared to be an angel of Philenon, the dead god of good. It was unresponsive, and seemed to be in great pain. On its belt was a portable hole full of various treasures. Determining that the creature was under a spell of eternal torment, the guild had Damien cast the second scroll of freedom on it. Though it seemed to relax, it did not wake up. The guild worked their way back through the dungeon, and teleported back to Oganis Ford.



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