For the Glory of the Empire!

October 10

Post-Adventure Clean Up

Once in Oganis Ford, the guild did their best to heal the celestial being, who remained asleep. They attended to their separate businesses around town. The town had grown, and had more land to grant and protect, while the exiled mages were constructing a tower. A scout group brought in the corpose of a Oni scout. Zarik and Araceli went to Risothyr to give the scout group’s report to the head of the military. Zarik decided to try to find whoever was supplying the Oni with information, and he was perhaps more successful than he had thought he’d be.

The next day, the erelim awoke. He was confused that he could no longer contact his deity, and was not happy at the explanation. After reclaiming his equipment, he let the guild take the rest from the portable hole. He decided to call himself Jamlamin Pegason, or Jim for short, and disguised himself as a youth of about eighteen or so. He then wished to be taken to one of the temples and left to meditate.

Telios, Damien and Araceli took the loot to the temple of Ollatowan, with whom they have a standing agreement regarding the identification of magical items. It did not take the temple very long to identify the items, although the guild will likely have to renegotiate its contract. A message was left for Zarik, informing him that the elerim had awoken.

The ritual of loot division, redistribution of current items and selling items that were no longer needed began.



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