For the Glory of the Empire!

Several Endings

After defeating the Travellers in the basilica, several of the Broken Talon guild went to greet and warn the incoming occupying force. Count Julius Arethir lead the legion taking control of Milasylla. He agreed that the palace district should be off limits to most people, and assigned a company of Jueryani to assist the guild in sweeping the palace.

The guild made its way to the throne room. There, the Regent was slumped on his throne. He was alive, but unresponsive. There were four scars on his head, and tentacles leading into the base of his skull. A squid-like thing was attached to his back, presumably relaying signals between his brain and spinal chord. Count Arethir was sent for, and he sanctioned the removal of the creature from the Regent’s body. The regent did not survive.

The Temple of Ollatuan was called in to make an accounting of the treasures, both of the city and those stolen from the temples. The Guild was offered a generous bounty for the Regent. The guild teleported to Athela to report to the emperor the victory at Milasylla. They collected the bounty on the dead Traveller, as well as a further award for their actions in the taking of the city. The emperor also offered them a favor.

The guild returned to Oganis Ford to figure out what favor they wanted from the Emperor and what items they wanted from the temple. Mirimmae went to the mages’ tower, determined to remain until she had cleansed herself of wild magic. While they were making lists, Damien received a message. His face lost all its color. He burned the letter, talked briefly to Telios, and teleported away.

A couple of hours later, a messenger came running for Telios. Damien had returned. He was curled upon the ground, twitching and mostly unconscious. He was wrapped in necromantic magic that Telios could not remove. Damien clutched a dagger and Grimskull’s mask.

During the next day or so, they found out what had happened. Damien had received a summons from his father, who had assassinated Duke Duren and trapped his soul in a dagger. Damien went. He was able to kill Grimskull. In the process, however, his sword lost its false personality. Damien was wielding the Sword of Death. Through a combination of willpower and magic, he freed himself from the grasp of the sword. Damien has retired to the mages’ tower to recover.



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