For the Glory of the Empire!

The Attack on Grimskull Island

It's cool--we got this.


Or not.

After much arguing and agonizing, the Broken Talons jury rigged a plan to take on Grimskull Island and Damien’s father. They’d get within range of wind walk, float on over to the island, blow a hole in the wall, and take out anyone dumb enough to stand in their way.

Using Jonar’s contacts, they found a ship captain crazy enough to take them to the pirate-infested waters of the Jerdan Isles. More importantly, they found a ship captain crazy enough to take them to the pirate-infested waters of the Jerdan Isles who wouldn’t attempt to sell them out. After a quiet couple of weeks, the guild was dropped off with a rowboat at a predetermined spot and left to make their own way. They wind-walked to Grimskull Island.

On the way to the tower, the guild passed over a set of ruins. A sense of evil and dread was palpable from them, although Damien could not recall anything like that emanating from the ruins before. The guild decided to investigate the tower first, and come back to the ruins later.

There were a few patrols there, but nothing much. The guard around the tower itself seemed light. The group floated over the main wall and into the courtyard. After rematerializing, Araceli used a couple of spells to blow a hole in the wall of the keep. As the group entered the kitchen area, they heard the alarm being raised. Someone shouted, “Protect the heart of the keep!” Damien thought that this was rumored to be in the catacombs, so the guild headed upstairs first.

They met no resistance. The place appeared to be empty, except for one, large, undead guard at the entrance to Grimskull’s study. The guard let them by. The guild was rather unsettled by this point, and this was before Jonar noticed that things were quite appearing right as he was searching Grimskull’s study for valuable and before Telios noticed that the books in the library were filled with gibberish and the “pages” turned in big clumps. The tower was obviously empty, and it was likely that everything they were now seeing was illusion.

After some debate, the Broken Talons decided to search the catacombs before travelling on to the ruins. Near the start of the catacombs, a secret door was found. Inside the chamber was a large, glowing crystal ball that radiated illusion magic. Everyone except Jonar stepped into the room. With the tacit consent of the others, Cedric swung his hammer and shattered the ball.

A brilliant flash of light exploded, blinding most of the guild members. The door to the hallway sealed shut. Runes began to glow around the room, blocking all teleportation and other extra dimensional travel. And two large statues raised from the floor. Grimskull’s voice began to speak. He sneered at Damien for falling into his trap, and said it was going to be a pleasure to kill him. As there came no response to Damien’s questions, this too was an illusion.

Unfortunately, what was not an illusion was the transformation of the statues into two angels of decay. Everyone but Cedric, Mirimmae and Quentin were still blinded when the angels completed their transformation. Jonar was still on the outside of the trap, with no way in.

The first part of the fight was long and hard. Fortunately, the blindness wore off shortly after combat began. The angels dealt a steady amount of damage, along with their terrible stench. The guild settled in for a fatiguing time whittling away at the tough undead creatures. The ground shook every now and again.

After more rumbling, the ground opened up near one of the walls. A nightmare creature emerged—a huge worm with a black chitinous exoskeleton and nasty looking teeth. It grabbed Araceli and swallowed her. Quentin was next on the menu.

Things did not look good. Damien used a scroll to open a doorway back to the hall. Mirimmae decided upon a more desperate course of action. She opened herself up to the raw flow of magic, and send a wave of positive energy through the room. To everyone’s surprise, the night crawler literally dropped dead. The other undead creatures remained, but looked worse for the wear. The guild did not take much longer to dispatch the terrible angels. Quentin crawled out of the worm’s belly just in time to see the last one killed. Araceli was dead, and had to be cut out of the worm’s throat.


Yippie! Raw magic is our friend.

The Attack on Grimskull Island

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