Mercenary of the Broken Talons


Fighter 14 / Legendary Leader 5 // Rogue 19

Weapon of Choice: Warhammer
Secondary: Any Blunt
Ranged: When forced, the composite longbow


Having joined the Broken Talons as simply a Merc for hire, little is known of the background other than he is of obvious Targrethian heritage and handles himself far better than most Mercenaries when it comes to dealing with those of the higher class.

One thing for sure that is known is that he avoids Milasylla like the plague. As to why, it’s never been fully stated short of issues with the local authorities.

His knowledge of the mystical realms is next to nill, learning only what he’s been told in passing, but his marshal prowess is hard to beat. Though not flashy by any means, he has a steady arm and can take a hit from the best of them.

Real name, Eron Lyril of the soon to be ex House Lyril.
His father, Silthus Lyril of Labrylla, was a merchant lord that married into Targreth.

Prior to being a merc, Eron was a loyal soldier to Targreth and Milasylla. He trained to be one of the best until the night in which his father was killed.

That night Eron had received a summons to see his father about a matter of importance, only to find him freshly killed. Not thinking Eron took to trying to save him, his hands now coated with blood. Too perfect of timing the guards rushed in. Kilian was leading the charge and ordered my arrest. Panic overtook Eron and caused him to flee. Able to avoid all patrol, he broke the city limits and never looked back.

Needing money and gear Eron signed up for the first mercenary company to come by. Knowing that his brother would want to ensure Eron never came back to tell the real story, he changed his name to Cedric. From there it was one adventure to the next until the faithful day of meeting up with the Talons.

Today he gets closer to filling the shoes of his Grandfather. One day he may reach that level.

Eron Lyril, First son of Lord Silthus, aka ‘Cedric’

Eron is the eldest of three children to Silthus Lyril, merchant Lord of Labrylla, and L’andra Tugun, Eldest Daughter to Sir Orien Tugun of Targrath.
The marriage was due to the large sums of Money that Silthus gave to Orien for his daughters hand. He was smitten by her while overseeing one of his shipments. After realizing the power he could gain from a marriage to her, he arranged things with her father, thus allowing the name of Lyril to go down as Nobility.

Eron had a younger sister, L’orna, 3 years younger, and a younger brother, Kilan, 5 years younger.

Father was pretty ruthless, everything boiling down to him making more money. With the marriage, he now had a nitch in the Targrath market, which allowed him to increase his power in two regions now. This, for the most part, kept him pretty satisfied and busy. This is another way of saying he wasn’t around much.

Mother was quite different. Though the daughter of a military family, she had a graceful demeanor and quick mind. She would keep father in check when he’d start getting hard on L’orna and I. She had a quiet, but strong tone to her voice which I think always scared Silthus just a little. She taught us how to keep a strong mind while showing the capacity for kindness and that things could be done with words instead of weapons, though there are always times for having a strong sword arm. It was her encouragement and lessons that lead to me joining the academy.

I was top of my class/squad, marked to high honors and a man to watch for knighthood. I was given a spot on the local watch to give myself some actual experience both within the city walls and out on missions on the rare occasions I was allowed to go with. It didn’t hurt that the family name opened some doors in that department and that one of the drill instructors was uncle Horak.

L’andra died giving birth to Kilan. It was, to Cedric, a sign of things to come. Her death also meant that Silthus was never kept in check again. Once she passed he went off the deep end a bit. He went deeper into his work, traveling more, and rumor is, dealing in black markets and nefarious people.

Silthus also started taking pleasure in pitting his two boys against each other in hopes of raising two very power hungry men. I never took to that, always just brushed it off as best I could, but still wanted the attention. Kilan on the other hand, took the little games as gospel. Since I was the eldest, he always knew that I would get everything but he could never accept that.

Kilan went everywhere with Father, learning everything of the merchant trade and how to ‘properly’ do business. Because he knew what he was doing, it was only logical that he get everything not me. It was just a matter of making sure it was going to be him. Killing me directly would be a stain on the family name and would mean he’d still have to wait for the old man to die, he had to come up with something cleaver that would speed up the process.

One night, three years ago, I received word, while on watch, that father had urgent news for me back on the estate. Upon arrival, I found him on the floor in a large pool of his own blood. I knelt down to see if I could still help him but it was far to late. The wound was fresh and the bloody dagger was still in his heart. Before I realized what was going on, Kilan burst into the room with a squad of guards pointing and shouting “He did it, I saw him kill father!” Yep, should have seen that one coming. Credit goes to him.

With that, I had no choice but to run. I fought the guards off with as little lasting injury to them as I could. Thanks to the knowledge of how the guards moved and patrolled helped the escape. I believe I left all the guards alive that I faced, but I didn’t stick around to find out. I wanted to say goodbye to L’orna, but I couldn’t risk getting caught, or even worse, implicating her as well. I had to get out the past the gates before the entire guard was alerted. Once outside the wall, I looked back one more time, and left it behind me. There was no way I would be found innocent, Kilan got what he wanted, father dead and me out of the picture. Little bastard will get what’s coming to him someday.

I started heading west, not really caring/knowing which direction I was going, as long as it was away. The farther away I could get, the less chance of getting caught. Simple thinking I know, but sometimes simple is the best course.

I only had about 5g to my name at the time, so I stretched that out as long as I could, but I found that didn’t last long. First I sold my armor to keep me going but that didn’t take long to go, so i kept selling all I had. I sold all but the short sword and dagger knowing I’d need some form of protection. Eventually the hunger overtook me and i resorted to begging. All that got me was thrown in a cell overnight for disturbing the good people.

After my night in a very small cell, I knew I’d hit rock bottom, I’d have to do something to get myself back on course. I was able to convince a traveling merchant to let me protect him for a couple daviks and food along the way. Knowing I was still on the run, I decided I’d stop using my actual name. I started going by the name Cedric. When people would ask my last name, I would simply tell them I was of peasant blood and was not honored with one.

I went from merchant to merchant after that, selling myself to whoever would pay. Slowly I made a name for this ‘Cedric’. That name spread to the right ears and I landed a job working for the merc company, BlackFeather Company, out of Cabryn. They gave me food, shelter, and jobs. This was heaven.

I spent just over a year with them, doing odd job to odd job. Finally I left, hoping for greener pastures as they refused to ever pay me more than what they started me on. From there I hopped from company to company continuing my merc career.

In all this time, I have only been tracked once. It was by a lone tracker shortly after I joined BlackFeather. He was arrogant and thought he could take me in by himself. I proved him wrong. I felt a little bad in killing him, but it was self defense. Everyone in that tavern will attest to that.

In all this time, the major factor for ‘Cedric’, when it all boils down to it, greed. The fame is something he wants, but knows if he does, word can travel back and he’ll have to run all over again.

Cedric has a code of conduct, just not one as strong as most knights. He has never killed anyone out of joy or because he simply ‘felt like it’. He has never cheated anyone in his company out of money or goods short of games of chance. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, but he has his limits and he knows it. He’s not a cold blooded killer, it’s just not him. He watches over those less fortunate than himself and strives to make sure everyone in his company makes it home each time.

Cedric hopes to one day find a way to make it back to ensure his sister has not fallen to Kilan’s corruption. He really doesn’t care about the fortune anymore, he knows by this point, it’s all corrupted gains.


3 enemies:
Eugene Orthanr – Founder of the Hired Blades Merc Company. This was the company I joined shortly after the BlackFeathers. Why does he hate me so? Well, because I sabotaged one of his bigger contracts. It also was my last contract with the company. Now, I’m not a very moral guy, but even I have my limits. Eugene, the scrawny perv, has no limits and he wasn’t afraid to take contracts that reflected that. Many of them until that last one were pretty borderline for me, but the money was good, so I went along with it. The last one was the point I had to draw a line.

The final contract we were told was to ambush a caravan and loot everything we could. Ok, I admit, a bit on the iffy side to begin with, but like I said, the money was good. Everything went as planned, we hid and took them by surprise. Textbook execution. It was a moment or two before I realized that this was a caravan hauling clerical goods, including some of the expensive material components. I basically stopped fighting once I realized what was going on, was thinking of just running at that point, but then one of the others killed an acolyte. That was one step to far across the line for even me. I turned on my company men. I killed three of them before the rest ran back to Eugene.

I felt obligated to to make things right by them. I spent the next couple of months helping out the clerics to Frendlia in hopes of getting them back to a position of feeling safe again. I’m not real religious but I had to make things right. I basically just did manual labor for them and escorted a couple caravans.

Last known to be in his company: Lugu – Dumb as a box of rocks but stronger than an ox. Guy is pretty loyal, but that’s because he really doesn’t know any better. Dayka – Theif. Not much more to say there. Wald – Theif. Again. Saldina – Fighter of the highest caliber. Woman knows her stuff.

Raggan Sul – Co-Founder of the Blood Edge Company. The Blood Edge Company was my one attempt at starting my own company. Raggan and I met while we were both freelancing. We were kinda fighting for the same contract, but when things started to go bad, we decided to just split the contract and live. With that, the Blood Edge Company was formed. We did well for about 3 months, then we took the Ladeal (see: Mirdana Ladeal) contract. We were hired to basically be her body guards. Raggan fell in love with her pretty much instantly. She had money, power, and was drop dead gorgeous. She seemed to feel the same way about him. After about a week, they were an item. I didn’t try to make her fall for me, she just did. Before I knew what was going on, we were sneaking behind Raggan’s back. Well, he found out. It got a bit nasty. Company didn’t survive, and now I find him showing up at the worst moments. I’m not sure if he wants me dead or not, but every time he shows up, things turn south fast.

Naq Crivon – Bookie/Gambler extrodinaire. Basically, I owe him a lot of money. I have a bit of a gambling debt. Like all good gamblers, I kept coming back asking for money with the idea that I would borrow more, and win it all back. Like all good gamblers, that only kept me getting deeper and deeper into debt. I got to about 10,000+ before I ran for it.

3 friends:
Dravon Rex – Founder of the BlackFeather Company. He was my mentor in the world of the merc. He showed me many of the things I know today. Man really was a natural leader. He ruled the company firmly and got the job done. It’s been a year or so since I left and last I heard he was ‘retired’. He was on the verge of retiring when I first joined, but by the sound of things he’s finally given it up, age finally getting the better of him.

Nulia “Nu” Beladonna – Co-Member in the BlackFeather Company. She is the only one, other than Dravon, that was in the company the entire time I was there. From what I’ve heard, she’s heading it now though I admit, it’s been a while since I last heard, anything is possible now. While in the company, we had an ‘on again’/‘off again’ relationship. Ok, it was more of a ‘in the heat of the moment’ kind of thing, but it was something. In the company, she was our skills. She was a true to form thief and good at it too. Beauty and the ability to lie through your teeth is a dangerous combination, and she has both in spades.

Mirdana Ladeal – Only daughter to lord Ulin Ladeal of Cabryn. She’s a woman of privilege who likes to have fun. Her father has quite a bit of power, but isn’t a fan of providing any of his men to simply allow her to do her own thing. He loves her and all, but his patience has been worn a bit thin over the years. Because of that she hired us to look after her. Talk about a cushion job. We went to all the best gatherings and all we had to do was ensure the people she pissed off didn’t try to hurt her.

As mentioned before, she took to us a bit farther than professionally sound. I believe she never really liked Raggan, but I never really asked. Once things broke out, Mirdana and I continued spending a lot of time together. She was kind of my job for a few months. I followed her around, protected her, and she paid me. It was good, but really no excitement. Because of this, I told her I had to continue on my own. She wasn’t overly thrilled with that, but made me promise I’d come back. I did, though we’ll see what happens.

Though maybe not the brightest candle on the shelf, Mirdana is good with people. She can get just about anyone to tell her what she needs or get what she wants.

3 contacts:
Aljarah Ameed – Fence, Item sales, and Information broker in Cabryn. He worked closely with my first company, BlackFeather. His main profession is item sales, but he gets a fair share from item identification and appraising. Though he won’t tell you unless you know it, he’s huge on the black market. Since he moves from city to city in the region, he also hears more than his fair share of information. He’s greasy and underhanded, but it all boils down to business for him. The man would sell his own mother for the right price, which just happened to be about 3,000 davix, or so I’ve been told.

Juor Iko – Head Cleric of Frendlia to the church I stayed with after working for the Hired Blades. He was a little hard to sell that I honestly wanted to do right for what happened. My line of work is not something he respects at all. If I wanted to protect people, there are other means of doing it, ‘right’ means. By the time I was leaving we had come to a mutual understanding. He doesn’t believe in my line of work, but does believe that when I say I want to help someone, I mean it. I still keep in touch with him from time to time. Mainly I try to send him a written letter once a month. I’ve received a few letters, but since I’m rarely in one place long, it’s hard for him to get back. Usually, if I remember that I sent a message from a location, I check to see if he responded.

Talia Ha’lin – Elvan tracker from the wooden areas of Anathelas. I’ve worked with her on a few occasions. She’s good at what she does and has taught me much of what I know about survival.

Byron Bloodwave – pirate on the Silyani/Elirhyani Seas. I worked as a deckhand for a month or two. We were comrades just about right away, though most of the crew was. After my time there, I always turn to him if I have some downtime.


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