Damien Morieu (Grimskull)

Warlock 7/Mage 3/Eldrich Theurge 9


Damien’s weapon of choice is his eldrich blast.

Damien is tall (6 foot) and has an average body build for his height. He has black hair and green eyes.


Damien was bound to the service of the Lord of Destruction, Elri’kah, shortly after his birth by his father (a wicked and evil tyrant/cultist known as Grimskull). Damien grew up in his father’s care upon Grimskull Isle in the Jerdanian Islands, and does not often speak of his childhood. When he does, it’s usually to comment on some horrible deed that his father was responsible for. Most of what is known is that his childhood is unusually disturbing. A lich and member of the Black Ministry of Siride named Shabra Nigdo had adopted young Damien as his nephew.

Damien ran away from home in his mid-teens in an attempt to complete a mission that would earn his father’s respect. While he had the natural talents of a warlock due to his bond with Elri’kah, Damien had little formal training in the field. In the end, a mistake led to his capture at the hands of Duke Duren Kanhilas. The duke showed mercy on the boy and bound him under a mark of justice spell to work for him until Damien’s debt had been repaid. Damien would eventually team up with other adventurers and become a founding member of the Broken Talons.

Over the past year, Damien has become as close to being one of the “good guys” as someone raised by a cultist of a demi-power of destruction can get. He broke his bond with Elri’kah, forged a new deal with a different Shard, then also allegedly broke that deal too. Despite no longer being bound to the fiendish lords, Damien still wields and continues to advance with his warlock powers. The source of his power is not really known, but Damien claims that the avatar of Halik himself broke the bond between Damien and the demon lords he served and agreed to power Damien’s abilities.

It is well known that Damien has an uncanny mastery of the art of deception, and he is a real force of chaos within the group. More than a few times, Damien has gone off on some mission of his own. Damien trusts very few people, and rarely tells more about what he does and where he goes than others need to know.

It has been rumored that Damien was courting the Lady Lana Argor. However, Lady Lana disappeared during the Aranaudan Civil War. Recently, the two were reunited in Oganis Ford when Lana showed up with other survivors of the Araunadan war. Other rumors have started to circulate in Karad that Damien is engaged to Araceli.

Damien’s long-term plans are mostly unknown. It is believed, however, that his three biggest enemies are his father Grimskull, the travelers, and Devis Belerim (Belerim has been deceased for months).

Damien recently killed Grimskull in an epic duel beneath some ancient ruins in the Bloodcrystal Mountains. The battle was costly however, and Damien returned to Oganis Ford broken and suffering from calling upon too much wild magic. In addition to defeating Grimskull, Damien also became the first mortal known to resist the power of one of the Swords of the Deathsong.

In an attempt to learn how to destroy the Swords of the Deathsong, Damien led his companions into the ancient Death Soul ruins on Grimskull Isle. After a few brief but hard-won battles, the young mage negotiated with the inhabitants to take a test to gain the secrets that the party required. Damien walked alone into the darkness to face his trial….

Damien Morieu (Grimskull)

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