Red Dragon Scion


It remains unknown exactly when Keristrazix returned to this world, but his first major notable action occurred when he took command of a group of red- and black-scaled darastrii mercenaries attached to the Panmornian Expeditionary Force sailing to Cabryn. Keristrazix and his two spawn, Kaxigarin and Kaxizivrin, laid low until the Expeditionary Force began its invasion of Cabryn and Walleda, then swiftly removed the mercs’ leadership and established themselves as lords of Walleda.

Keristrazix’s reign was short but brutal. The priests of Halik attached to the Kanan merc companies were hunted down by Keristrazix’s agents and killed, and field command of the merc force was given to noble red darastrii in the dragon’s thrall.

As quickly as it started, Keristrazix’s reign came to an end. The Broken Talon guild infiltrated Sa’Areladarin, the ancient elven tower that Keristrazix had been using as his seat of power, wounding or killing the dragon’s two demented young. They made their way through the portal Keristrazix had constructed between the tower and a volcano he had set up as his lair, and killed the dragon in his own chambers.


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